Thursday, August 14, 2008


The Idea

Wine Blogging has exploded in recent years and is used for a variety of reasons by blog creators, posters, and readers. What is going on and why are wine blogs so important? Why are there so many? Why do people create them, and what do readers get out of them? How are they shaping the wine industry?

We are group of researchers at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada interested in the way people use blogs to communicate with each other and with the world at large. We are also passionate about wine appreciation, wine from different areas of the world, travel to taste wines, do research about wine, and read wine blogs. . .a lot! We’ve had a look at a growing number of wine blogs both popular and obscure to see what they contain and how they are presented. But the real question is “what do people experience when they access wine blogs? What do they take away from them?” To learn and share with you this information, we thought it would be best to hear directly from you, the wine bloggers. We have launched this site to solicit your thoughts and experiences on:

  • why you blog
  • what makes a good blog (or a bad one)
  • have wine blogs changed the way you relate to wine

These are just some of the general questions about wine blogging that we find interesting and think you will too. If you have comments about these topics or any other relevant wine blog issues, we would be glad to hear from you in a posting below.


Anonymous said...

Finally, someone is looking into this seriously

ryan said...

Can't wait to hear your thoughts after this weekend. It has been a great pleasure to have you, David, with us in Rioja.

Thomas said...

David, it was a great pleasure meeting you on the conference in Logrono. I did enjoy the conversation with you very much. Even the wine helps quet good to overcome the language barrier :-)

Justin Roberts said...

Hi David. Great to meet you at EWBC 2008. Interesting discussions! Apologies for the radio silence since then. I was in France staining my teeth blue with Cahors wines. I hope we stay in touch. Justin

Liquid Assets said...

As a former science researcher, I can appreciate what you are doing. I just started blogging this year to share my thoughts, experiences and wine discoveries with fellow wine lovers.
Leo J. Baduria
Liquid Assets

Donald said...

I appreciate the labor you have put in developing this blog. Nice and informative.

Louise, David & Alex